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Transportation Insurance

Making sure your business is properly protected

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Protecting Your Transportation Business

At PeoplesAlly, we offer seven different types of insurance for those in the transportation industry. Depending on the location of your business and the kind of risks you take on, some policies are likely more suitable for you and cheaper in premium than others.

Select a policy:

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation
Property & Liability
Professional Liability
Commercial Auto
Umbrella Insurance
General Liability
Cyber Insurance

This insurance helps protect your business if an employee is injured, contracts an illness, or dies as a result of an incident on the job. It can cover medical costs, legal fees, and lost wages due to the injury.

We specialize in offering popular insurance products for the new industry norm given the 2020 pandemic.

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Why Does Your Transportation Business Need Insurance?

Business insurance is important for transportation companies. Most states mandate commercial auto liability coverage for businesses that own or lease vehicles. Commercial auto policies can be very expensive in the transportation industry, so competitively priced insurance from biBERK could help your bottom line. You should also protect your company’s assets by purchasing physical damage coverage.

  • Air transportation companies

  • Auto transport companies

  • Bicycle rental companies

  • Bus operations

  • Bus companies

  • Delivery – courier service

  • Dump truck hauling

  • Limousine companies

  • Livestock, equine, or animal transport

  • Logistics services

  • Moving van companies

  • Non-emergency medical transport

  • Paratransit companies

  • Scenic and sightseeing transportation

  • School transportation companies

  • Taxicab companies

  • Towing companies

  • Transportation of goods companies

  • Transportation services for the elderly

  • Trucking – local hauling

  • Trucking – long distance hauling

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We Are Insurance Experts

We have over 10,000 satisfied customers and 30+ years of insurance experience. We have seen it all and can get you the best package for your needs.

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Best Value

at Cheapest Rate

We get you the best value for your dollar on all insurance products. No hidden costs and no surprises. 

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We don't hassle you with pushy sales pitches. Fill out our one-pager quote sheet in far less time than others.

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We only require some basic info for a generic quote. No need to provide sensitive information and no spam.

Providing People with Protection Everywhere

PeoplesAlly is trusted by thousands of businesses no matter what size. We can help you meet your insurance needs in any industry or line of business.

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There are many kinds of insurance out there, but as an accounting & finance business owner, you have very unique needs. At PeoplesAlly, we’ll help you understand what kind of insurance is best for you. Just fill out a simple form online or speak with one of our licensed insurance experts to get a free quote. Plus, with PeoplesAlly, you can purchase a policy, manage it, and submit claims online for ultimate convenience.


“The PeoplesAlly team is extremely knowledgeable and will work hard to find you the best quality and price available. Very professional, no bait and switch, and will give you the bottom line even if it means losing you as a customer. I appreciate honesty rather than sleazy sales people.  

—  Samantha D

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